The Club

About Us

L.I. United Soccer is a high level, professional soccer training organization that is based on Long Island, New York.  We currently have more than 30 youth soccer teams throughout various clubs on Long Island servicing over 300 players each year. We specialize in teaching athletes of all ages the game of soccer with integrity, respect, and honor. Through hard work and dedication, our athlete’s potential is unlimited. We create a path for our player’s individual/team development from beginning to end.

Our services include:

  • Individual
  • Team and developmental training
  • Academy teams
  • Clinics & camps
  • Player assessments and college recruitment

Many of our previous players have enjoyed very successful playing careers and come back to share their passion of the game with our current players. All of our staff members are certified NYS educators with high-level soccer backgrounds.

At L.I. United Soccer we provide year-round professional coaching and training through specially designed age-specific soccer curriculums in challenging and competitive environments.

Excel as an individual or as part of a team in a variety of supplemental training programs, which aid in the Building of the Complete Player.


  • To identify and develop the next group of elite players (Building the Complete Player)
  • Once identified, raise the level of each individual, from average to good and from good to great, based upon the technical, tactical, physical and psychological aspects of the game.
  • Fostering loyalty, confidence, creativity, and self-motivation in all our players.
  • Maximize the potential development of every soccer player consistent with his or her commitment.
  • Creating depth of experience in each player that will enable the participant to enjoy a lifelong appreciation for the game.

Goals as an organization

  • Elevate the profile and image of L.I. United Soccer on the local, regional, national and international levels.
  • Become a valuable member of the communities and clubs we are involved in and provide exceptional service.
  • To have a positive influence on all players development as a person, competitor and community member that will always maintain the values, principles, and integrity of L.I. United Soccer.

Our Goals Will be Achieved By

  • A committed staff to help players understand their role in helping to improve the level of play both as an individual and within a group.

  • A motivated staff that is interested in the success of every team and player with in the organization.

  • A professional approach that involves coaches/trainers who not only have extensive experience, qualifications and a background in education, but also possess a vested interest in developing players, teams and clubs.

  • Constantly striving for a higher standard as an organization while maintaining professionalism and commitment to excellence in service.